Combating Winter Allergies with Rowenta

Allergies and winter: two things that most people wouldn't’t associate with one another. My husband and I wake up every morning, stuffed up and dry eyed. I used to assume that it meant I was getting sick, and have since learned it’s not the case.

Dry eyes, runny noses and a plethora of sneezes seems more like symptoms of a common cold, but that’s not always the case.  With similar symptoms, it can be tough to tell the difference between allergies and the onset of a cold, but according to allergist Steven H. Cohen, MD, associate clinical professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, “Allergy symptoms persist for much longer and may be intermittent.”

We live in a small space; a one-bedroom condo with a den, and a large open area living room and kitchen.  The type of space that typically could survive with a solid once-a-week cleaning, sometimes even once every two weeks.  We never would have guessed that we would be cleaning it 2-3 times a week.  Now, my husband is a total neat freak and actually loves to clean, but personally, anything more than a few hours ONE day a week is way too much for me.

Last year, I counted down they days to summer when we could turn off our heat and leave the door open for circulation.  On any given day we had 3 machines running: an air purifier, a humidifier, and a standard floor fan.  None of these things seem to help, and as winter has now shown up out of nowhere, our allergies are getting worse.

According to Everyday Health, indoor allergens can include: pet dander, dust, mold, Christmas trees or other plants, and smoke. Well, we don’t have a tree, we don’t smoke and we don’t have pets (yet, lol), but the dust is out of control. Out. Of. Control.  Case in point: our TV speaker, which was dusted two days ago.


So, if we can’t avoid those pesky allergens, then we’ll have to do our best to keep them at bay.

3 Tips to minimize indoor allergens:

1- If your furnace is running, use a humidifier periodically to help combat the dryness

2- Wash your sheets once a week, and in HOT water.

3- Vacuum and dust regularly- daily if needed.


The Rowenta Delta Force Extreme Stick Vac is the perfect companion for dusty spaces, just like ours. With only 4 pieces to assemble, it was up and running after being charged for 45 minutes.


I am able to get to places I’m pretty sure have never been touched by our previous vacuum without having to get down on my hands and knees with a hose extension. Under the bed, under our TV stand – clean. The triangular head also fits perfectly in pesky corner situations.


Just check out how easy it was to get under my bed!

It’s lightweight, bagless, cordless and a beautiful teal blue (that’s important). If we’re going to have to clean every other day, it’s best that it’s with this powerful and easy to use machine.


Thanks to Rowenta for helping me to put my winter allergies in check!  For more information on Rowneta head HERE to their website!

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