UBER vs TAXI Round#2

A follow up visit to the local hospital to remove the plaster cast and into an air cast gave me another oppurtunity to compare the service of UBER vs TAXI. To keep it consistant II used a TAXI to the hospital and UBER to return home.What different from my previous comparison is that I did not call and reserve a TAXI the night before, I used the app instead. Similar to Uber, it gives you the location of the assigned taxi on the map with an ETA which was four minutes away. Eight minutes later I contacted the taxi service and I was told that the driver has between 5 – 15 minutes to pick me up.  What?? I understand the reason but why did the app have me expecting a driver pick up within 5 minutes?

At the 10 minute mark I loaded UBER and luckily there were none available, I performed another search and viola!! UBER had shown me a driver was available and eight minutes away. I requested a pickup and I immediately knew the driver, plate and the direction of the vehicle. Having requested both a TAXI and UBER I decided this would serve a good purpose to see who had better service.

Waiting outside for 18 minutes, anticipating the arrival, the UBER app updating, in real time and I was able to see tha the vehilce I had requested, has not moved. I loaded up the taxi app to see the drivers location and he was driving in the opposite direction of my location!! At this point I contacted the hospital to let them know I was going to be late for my appointment. At the end of the day the taxi arrived 22 minutes later.

Returning home. I "crutched" my way outside to see if the conveince of a wating taxi was avaiable for some points. Unfortunately there were none so I loaded UBER. Immediately I was told a driver was 6 minutes away with the plate, vehicle and driver face. It was a bit chilly so I waited inside until the driver was close. I was able to watch the driver navigate the streets on the app and he arrived right on time! The vehicle was new clean and a nice ride. Lots of air freshener, great conversation about the features of the car and the TAXI vs UBER fight.

The UBER drivers I've encountered have been individuals looking for work or injured because of work. UBER gave them the oppurtunity to make some money that fit their present schedules. This weeks winner is UBER for brinng the customer closer to the driver. That is customer service!!

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