Tuff Love with my Idol3

My old Android phone was big, slow and although it still worked.  Working on it was a pain in the a$$ it was more problems than fun. I really wanted the PRIV but the price point of the IDOL3 pulled me in with the Octa core processor. It was a no brainer because it has the power for what I have planned, and at the price I'm willing to pay.

Setting up the Alcatel Idol3 was similar in nature to most other Android devices. What actually made this phone unique is what they have mixed with software and hardware. The inclusion of the Smart Suite software to interact your PC with your Idol3 and a MIX app for a type of "mixing" expeeience of individual tracks or playlists.


Now the tuff love…


The Smart Suite application from Alcatel is a suite of APP's that are unique to the OneTouch family by Alcatel. After installing the software on my PC I was instructed to run the Smart Suite app on the phone, unfortunately I could not find it on my phone or on the site. First I checked the Play Store then I checked the Alcatel App store where I found it but it was not able to be installed. So I did what anyone these days would do, hit up the google and it lead to a forum  with the answer. I went to the directory where the Smart Suite was installed on my PC and looked for the *.apk file. I copied it to my drop box and ran it on the phone, good to go. The Smart Suite app was sync'd with WiFi and life's nice.


The MIX app is a well equipped tool for mixing your tracks. Or better yet, a DJ app! What it also includes are features you would also find on professional physical mixers like eq, effects, drum loops and the ability to add your own samples!

screenshot_2016-01-07-10-46-35.png screenshot_2016-01-07-10-48-31.png screenshot_2016-01-07-10-49-50.png

The features and specs of this phone are on par with the best of them but the price will keep you smiling. The only issue I have with the phone is the location of the power button. It's located on the upper left side opposite of most other popular brands being on the upper right. Was this to do with the unique feature of this phone being reversible? Oh ya – I forgot to mention that it is reversable!  You can flip it upside down and the screen will flip with you, with speakers on both ends you never run into a problem with hearing.

A reminder this was not your iPhone or Galaxy but rather, unique? I'm learning to appreciate the qualities of my Idol3, tuff love.

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