Potty Training Madness

I know they say that you should never try and rush time or hope for things to speed up, but I gotta say.  I really want to fast forward a month or so.

Potty Training is disgusting and is really taking over our lives.

With 2 kiddos under 4 we are in prime potty training time.

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Shane is I would say 98% trained. (like I’m talking about a dog or something)  He wears underwear all of the time and only has accidents at night here and there.  We have stools in every washroom because he is adamant about standing up when he pees.  Let’s just say that little boys and aim do not go hand in hand.  I find that our washroom floors are often damp and need to be cleaned – GROSS!

EverySingle TimeI just want to go pee!
Aria has just begun and I thought that it was going to be easier than Shane but not the case.  She is in underwear all day and pull ups at night.  She has accidents during the day still, if there is something more interesting going on she probably will not make it to the bathroom!  With the money that I am saving on pull-ups I am losing on toilet paper because she keeps dropping full rolls of TP in the toilet.  Another totally disgusting thing that I then have to pick up and toss out.

She also misses the toilet, and I am not sure how this happens.  Either she starts to go before she even sits down OR she moves around while on the toilet and pee flies everywhere.  Again, It is just gross.

I just bought a couple more step stools off of VarageSale to make sure that the kids could reach the toilet in every bathroom in the house.  Tell me it gets better and a little less disgusting soon!

Do you have any amazing toilet training tips?  I would love to hear them!

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