Yummy and Allergy Safe Baking with Enjoy Life!

Just before the holidays I received a couple of lovely boxes of goodies!  I am not a fantastic baker but I love getting into the kitchen with my little ones and this makes it totally easy, and allergy safe.  We do not have any allergies but we do have family members and friends with pretty severe allergies so I am always cautious when they come over.  With the Enjoy Life products you aren't missing out on anything.


We decided to use the Enjoy Life Muffin mix and added the Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips as well as a banana that I had in my freezer.


(no judgment for all the batter dropped on the muffin pan, right?)

 I made both muffins and a loaf and they turned out fantastic!  Muffins are great for on the go – and the loaf we ate warm for dessert!  A really nice treat.  Before being a mom I never really thought about the lunches that I brought for lunch.  Now with the kids I try and be super aware of what I have with me when we have snacks.  I know that I am respecting the rest of the moms and kids out there just in case they happen to have any allergies.  It is up to all of us to provide a safe environment for everyone.


This lovely kit also included a box mix fro pizza dough, brownies, flour, and pancakes.  We did the pancakes over the weekend and they were also fantastic!  I would love to say that I am a cook from scratch girl, but I'm just not.  Probably for a couple reasons….. I'm uber busy, a little lazy and not super talented in the kitchen.  These options make cooking and treat making fun and easy for me and the kids.

So what makes the Enjoy Life products amazing? 

  • as said before they are allergy friendly
  • they are non-GMO
  • they are Gluten Free
  • Non Artificial EVERYTHING
  • Kosher and Halal

If you have any questions about their products – just ask!  They may even send you some coupons or samples! Write them HERE


If you are looking for easy on the go options they also have lots of pre-made snacks that are perfect to send with your kids to school!  

The Enjoy Life Products are available all over the place!  You can check out their listing HERE.  I would highly recommend them whether you have any allergies or intolerances or not!  They are just that good!  The cocoa loco bars are to die for! 

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