3 Simple Ways to Save On Groceries

If you are Canadian I am sure that you are noticing a HUGE difference in your grocery bills.  Like just crazy!  When feeding a family of 4 and wanting the food you feed them to be healthy you really start to feel the pinch!  

I have always been a coupon lover but more so recently. 

I am using 3 apps each time that I go shopping and I am going to do a quick rundown.


1 – PC Plus

Over the holidays the Superstore won me over in my neighborhood.  It didn't’t take a lot – they just opened every single check out which had me flying in and out of the store.  When shopping with little ones you know this is HUGE. They have continued this policy on weekends, so it is pretty awesome!  So download the app – or bring in your PC Plus card and you get points.  They also learn my shopping habits so they give me offers for more points for stuff I am actually buying on a regular basis.  You then trade in those points for dollars off which is fantastic.  They also let me price match which brings me on to my next app.


2 – Flipp

Lots of people are afraid to price match but trust me when I say this app makes it super easy! As long as your grocery store is price matching friendly you are good!

Start off by writing your grocery list in the app.  As you add things it will match you up with flyers for stores.  Say for example you are looking for Frozen Pizza – find the pizza you want with the lowest price and “snip” it.  It will then be placed in clippings.  When I am shopping at Superstore their carts have 2 levels which I LOVE!  All of my price matching items stay on the top and everything else on the bottom.  That way when I am at the cash I am organized and ready to go!  Once at the cash when each item I am price matching comes up I just show the cashier the clipping and I am good to go.  It is really easy.  You should be making a shopping list anyway – this way you will save money while you make it.


3 –Checkout 51

This is a coupon app that you don’t even need to worry about until you get home.  All you have to do is scan your receipt and check off any of the items that you bought while shopping.  Check into the app weekly as they are getting more and more items, even wine and liquor!  Also sometimes they do coupons for multiples so be sure to check it before you shop.  They also do weekly giveaways just for uploading your receipt (even if you didn't’t redeem any coupons)  I love Checkout 51 because once you have redeemed $20 in coupons the send you a cheque.  Yup – cold hard cash!

These are the 3 ways that I am saving these days – do you have any grocery saving tips, I would love to hear them! Let me also just say that this post is not sponsored.  This is just me telling you a few ways to save a buck! I would love to hear about other ways you save money when shopping!


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    Jessica Bodger June 6, 2016 (9:32 am)

    Awesome tips Amy! I use Co51 ALL the time, it is one of my saving graces. Have you checked out the other cashback apps like Caddle, Zweet, Cartsmart and Save.ca?

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    tes June 21, 2016 (8:58 am)

    i’ve also come across this app called flashfood! i haven’t used it yet but seems like it’s a great idea. let’s you see what groceries are on sale before they are thrown out