Tips for eating during the Big Game and a Yummy Recipe

The Big Game is just days away, and all I can think about is all of the tasty food and how badly I wantto stay on track with my healthier eating.

Although I am trying to be good, I also know that I deserve a treat here and there and will be planning accordingly.  Sabra has put together some great tips to help keep me on track!

Stay on Track, But enjoy some treats!

One thing I always have to have is Chicken Wings!  Dan Clapson is a Tastemaker at Sabra (cool job huh?) and he created this yummy recipe using Roasted Garlic Hummus! 

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They look so yummy and I can not wait to give this recipe a try on Sunday!


So get out there, buy some snacks all colours of the rainbow, give lots of healthy options and of course – bring on the wings!  For more info on Sabra you can check them out at

Enjoy the game!

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