Cubase Elements 7

I've been a long time supporter and fan of music. I was that kid with a radio and audio cassettes on a saturday afternoon, making sure I would have a fresh tape for the week to put in my "walkman".  Like many I once had a dream of rocking crowds the size of small cities, VIP, limosines and then reality hit me! It's important that as parents we still keep doing the little things we love  and now, it's no surprise that whenever I have spare time I have taken to song writing "freestyling" and beat production. I like to stay in the realm of 160 – 181 BPM  but breakout to other genres every now and then but love my jungle.

My PC is pushing 10yrs now and it was top notch at the time but It's showing its age however  some tweaks along the way and I have managed to get more milk out of her. One trick in Cubase Elements 7 is the arranger track! I noticed while mixing down my cpu was starting to readline and after one to many "Blue Screens" (More about this later, me smashing my keyboard) I referenced the manual for any tips to tweak my setup. Essentially it is a track that can be used to place it's effect on multiple tracks whos bus is directed to the arranger track. I hope that makes sense. Previously I was putting the effects on one track at a time multiplying my VST plugins and eating up system resources. This is one technique and I'm happy to say that my CPU usage has gone from 90% to about 70%. The mixdown continues….

If you ask any artist their opinion about tools and you will see that they all have a differernt preference, they are all unique…Protools, Logic, Cubase, Reason, Ableton and this list goes on. There are also the not so popular freeware programs like LMMS not to start mentioning plugins. I can say that I'm experience but not a professional by any means. There is more than one way to make curry chicken but the overall taste is chicken curry.(wait, huh?)


If you catch the bug, do youself a favour and Google "VST plugins" and play around with the free stuff before looking to spend the money. Believe me, it's either a job or a hobby.

let me know what you think of this one I just finished mixing this down using Cubase Elements 7, the mixdown continues.

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