Less Waste More Fun with Iogo Pouches

We eat lots of yogurt in our house.  Our kiddos are off to daycare very early in the morning and have breakfast at about 8 with their class. I do not like them heading out the door with an empty stomach, and yogurt has become our go to as they both love it, it is healthy and pretty cost effective.  The one thing that bothered me about it was the amount of waste we were producing. That is at least 10 cups a week. (Shaun and I also like our fair share of yogurt)

IOGO asked if I would like to give their new large format pouches a try and I was definitely on board!  I decided to pick up a Strawberry, Vanilla, and a Vanilla Probio.  They also come in a Greek Yogurt variety.  They are super creamy, the cap is great so I can use easily on a daily basis, and the packaging is flexible which is great in my crazy fridge.  My favourite part is that they are recyclable.  

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When in this format they are so much easier to use in your day to day recipes. Pop some in your baking, add some to your morning smoothie or make a super healthy dessert that even your toddlers will approve of!

I added some frozen fruit that I had with the super creamy vanilla probiotic yogurt, stirred and set in popsicle molds in the freezer over night and voila!

Super Easy

The kids loved them!

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The pouches can now be found at the following stores Loblaws, Metro, Food Basics, Sobeys ,FreshCO and Longo’s and retail for $5.99. Not only are we doing good for the environment with the pouches but I also think I am saving a little money πŸ˜‰

How would you use the yogurt in a recipe.  I am always looking for great ideas!

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