Why I replaced my Work Bag with a Backpack

This is not a back to school post- so don’t worry!  This is a post about a great bag, because everyone should have one.  

For my day job I have lots that I need to carry with me.  My laptop, notebooks, equipment and lunch (If I’m lucky and Amy packs me one j/k)  I am not a fan of the shoulder bags as it hurts my back because the weight is not distributed properly. But I also need a bag that looks the part.  It needs to look good, protect my laptop and carry all the rest of my stuff.

Untitled design (20)

In comes WillLand Outdoors.  They have tons of options, and they are really stylish. I am really happy with my bag, the leather accents are also really nice touch.

For more information click here – and thanks to WillLand Outdoors for the awesome bag!  It is keeping me looking stylish while at work and play!


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