Versatile Style with Mark’s

     It's that time of year again when the seasons change and for the most part your wardrobe goes with it. I'm not the same guy I was last year or even the year before and changing your wardrobe like the seasons can get costly.

     Having a selection that is multipurpose is key. I'm fortunate enough to work in an environment that accepts business casual and I'm lucky enough to have found a clothing source that can fill my needs. Today I'm going to tell you about Marks, again! When you think of jeans, what comes to mind? I don't know if I'm like others but my jeans last YEARS!! So changing with the season doesn't always apply to me and the same jeans I had 5yrs ago, just aren't the jeans in style today. I may wear them for a halloween costume, cut the grass or do some painting but my goal is to to keep living costs low but high quality. I need clothes that can be worn at work or play.

Check out these fresh new threads picked up at Mark's.


From head to toe the Marks look has me on the go. Neat and tidy for a business casual atmosphere.

     Untuck, unbutton and accessorized for a more casual look on my weekends. Now I'm not the type to wear my jeans low but if I had an urge to sport my designer undees, these jeans did just that, without a belt. These jeans style is the DH3 JETT SLIM from Marks. What I loved about the shopping experience was that I was able to find my size. I mean, typically I get something that just fits but at Marks I was surprised that they had my perfect fit (even after gaining a few). I don't wear the "average" size so I often find a difficult time finding what I want.  When we went shopping I was able to find MANY pairs in my size which was great, but left me with some decisions to make.  You should definitely check out the Jean options next time you head in to Mark's! 


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