Nerf Hyperfire Unboxing

When I was asked to unbox this Nerf dart gun I was excited and skeptical at the same time. But how can I turn down an opportunity to test a Nerf dart gun, right? I've put together a short unboxing video for your viewing pleasure. It's heavily edited, I was having to much fun and some fun just could not be "televised".

Key Points:

  • 4 D size batteries (not included)
  • Noise is generated by the rapid fire charging mechanism (not stealth)
  • Rapid fire
  • Large cartridge to hold darts
  • Can shot across a room but don't expect great accuracy
  • Recommended age 8+

What would you do with your kids if they happened to find a Nerf dart gun under the tree? I know my kids are to young but it has helped with recognizing colors, numbers and words on a target board!! They are using another dart gun suited for their age, this ones for daddy!

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