Motivation Monday – A New Year!

It is a New Year People – and as always I love the feeling of a fresh start.  

I am just coming off of a wonderful holiday season with my family.  I put my phone down, ignored social media and just plugged into my people.  I am feeling refreshed and focused! 

We are changing things up a tiny bit here on the blog – focusing on what motivates us and our fav things.

Each Monday we will share with you things, people and products that motivate us and on Friday's we will share with your our favourite things.  Shaun and I are excited to share with you what makes us tick and inspires us.

So I cracked a brand new journal – and got to work today.  We are not "New Year, New You" kind of people.  We are "New Year, be the best you, you can be" type peeps. Although last year was a tough year for the world, professionally and personally it was a great year for me so I just want to build on it.  

What keeps you motivated?


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