Allergy Friendly Easter Treats with Enjoy Life

If you have little ones with allergies whether it be dairy, nuts or gluten, I imagine Easter can be a tough time. The stores are filled with chocolates and treats that may not be safe for your little one, what will the bunny be bringing them?  Enjoy Life products are pretty awesome because they give amazing options that are allergy friendly, and yummy. They were a big hit at my house at Halloween and I am excited to be sharing a recipe that you can try at home for Easter weekend.

If you follow me on Instagram (MilkandCoco) you saw that earlier this week I was baking chocolate cake pops. These pops are safe for those with allergies to dairy, gluten and nuts!  I will also mention that they were super easy to make and definitely an activity that you can get your kids involved in!  My kids do not have allergies but they love them and I want to have a home that is safe for any of their frends that come over. And be the cool mom with the awesome treats πŸ˜‰

Check out the recipe below:

And just to show you how easy they really are – check me out!

Enjoy Life is always coming out with new and yummy treats!  To find the closest retailer head over HERE.

Happy Easter!

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