Spring Lawn Maintenance

It Starts now..

Like most I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can have some summer family fun. Camping, roadtrips, parks and backyards BBQ’s pretty much anything you can’t do in the cooler months. I’ve enjoyed a lawn for about 2 years now and I’ve only needed to water and relied on a service to weed and feed it. The lawn was looking good for two years and this years thaw has uncovered a hidden rusty nail that I just stepped on.

GRUBS! They can ruin your lawn and from the damage left behind this could affect my summer plans so I’m going to have to jump on this early and “Deal with the matter!”.

After much consulting of lawn care sites like FRANKIE…And speaking with some retired folks (notice they usually have the best lawn). Here is what I’m dealing with and will update weekly.

1st Step

  • We raked the lawn and removed the dead grass from the GRUB damage. Raking the grass will remove the dead grass and allow the living grass to rise.

2nd Step

  • Lay down some Scott Lawn 911 over the damaged areas. This is a mix of quality grass seed and fertilizer to get the grass growing, in the thin area’s.

3rd Step

  • Lay down some Sure Grow soil (Lawn Dressing) over the damaged and thinning grass areas. This will help level the ground and replenish the healthy soil that is required for a thriving lawn. I plan on doing this every 2-3 years.

4th Step

  • Lay down some grass seed and lightly rake it into the soil recently applied. If no rain is in the forecast you’ll need to water it daily to keep the soil moist, you don’t need to deep water the lawn.

This is how that section of the lawn looks 8 days later.. Thanks mother nature for the spring showers.

Now I’m going to see how the lawn unfolds before I lay down more fertilizer. For now I’m relying on the April showers to keep the lawn moist for the grass seeds to germinate and take root, so far so good!

If your duties are to take care of the lawn, what problems did you have this year? Any tips for this rookie?

 Here a look on the first week of June.

So far so good.

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