Love in the Love Bank

She Said

I don’t really listen too much to other people’s advice for my relationship.  Not that it is given that often but I just feel like everyone’s situations is different and what works for one may not the other.  BUT there is one piece of advice that my mother in law gave me years ago that I still keep in the back of my mind. Yes you heard that right, marital advice from the MIL!

She said years ago to be sure to put love into the love bank.  There are times in relationships that things are great, and loving and happy, and there are times where they are the opposite.  Life can be hard, parenting can be hard, work can be hard and it can add wear and tear on a relationship.  When you have the time and energy, why not put it into the person that you love, so when that person is bothering you a bit, you can just take from the love bank.

He Said

Yes I have heard this phrase and from my perspective it makes complete sense. Which is why I make deposits every day, some days larger than others.  My wife has been making deposits as well and I feel we both have been making frequent withdrawals! For example, she has deposited enough of a lump sum that I don’t mind cupboards being left open, I now close them and it’s paid using the interest accumulated in the account, simple math.   

What do you do in your relationship to keep love in the love bank?

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