Getting My Spring Clean on With Clorox!

Spring is FINALLY here!  I don't know about you but I have been itching to open the windows and get outside!  We all know that Clorox wipes can be used for just about anything, and I have found a few great new ways to get us ready for spring in our house and enjoy the outdoors!

1 – The Window Sils – we don't have an Air Conditioning unit so during the spring and summer months our windows are always open.  This can cause quite the dirt build up on our window sils.  It doesn't take more than a quick swipe with a Clorox wipe and they are squeaky clean again.

2 – Patio Furniture – We leave our furniture outside over the winter under a cover.  Now that we are ready to get outside we need to give the furniture a once over to get rid of the winter dust.  Our glass table top looks just like new after we give it a once over with a wipe.

3 – Flower Planters – I have decided to drag my flower planters out of my basement and bring some colour to the front of my house again.  After getting everything planted I noticed that I neglected to dust off the planters, so I got out the Clorox wipes and gave them a quick wipe and they look great.

How do you use Clorox wipes for your spring cleaning?

Disclaimer – I have partnered with Clorox for this campaign and received compensation. As always opinions are my own

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