Sliding on Ketchup with Pringles Ketchup Chips

Yup you read that right, a ketchup slide!

Being a blogger/influencer is a pretty cool and weird thing some times! When you get an email asking if you want to come downtown to slide down a slide of ketchup to help Pringles get a world record for the most folks sliding down a slide of ketchup in an hour, you say hell yes!


If you don't follow me on Instagram, you are really missing out – LOL.  I decided to download my stories from that day because it was just too funny.


I am thrilled to announce that the ketchup slide was a SUCCESS! A world record for The Most Canadians to Ever Slide Down a Ketchup Covered Slippery Slide in an Hour – and I was a part of it.

Oh blogging – you are a hoot and you never disappoint.

** Disclaimer – I have been compensated but this Canadian gal still and will always have love for ketchup and ketchup chips!

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    nicolthepickle June 5, 2017 (8:04 pm)

    That’s hilarious! I love ketchup too.