Veggie Garden + Retaining Wall

Sooo, one day you say to your significant other that a vegetable garden would look good and work perfectly on that hill in the back yard, and the next thing you know she asks why you don't just build it. I did my typical "new age" homeowner search on google and youtube to get an idea of what I needed to do. I did come across many variations of different solutions but none would have fit my specific need (multi-tier retaining wall/vegetable garden). hope this can assist you with your future or rebuild project. This will be a 2yr approach, this year is tier#1.

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t call myself a landscaper but I’m pretty good with my hands and anything that requires assembly. Building this was a lot easier than I had thought! How did I do it you ask? I’m a better visual learner so here are the tools needed for​ the job….so far.


  • Hammer
  • 18V cordless drill or a drill with a long extension cord (or 18-20V Cordless)

  • Drill bits

  • Large and small shovel

  • Level

  • Table saw

  • L Angle

  • Black sharpie

  • Measuring tape

  • PPE (Goggles, Dust Mask, etc)

  • Wheelbarrow


  • 8” & 12” HG spikes

  • 3” Deck screws

  • Wood supplies (If pressure treated make sure it’s safe for veggie gardens. Ex. Copper Azole)

    • 4x4x8

    • 2x6x8

How did I get from A – B?

Lets be real, there are many different ways this could've been done but at the end of the day I want it to last 10yrs if possible and give us food in the summer. I figure by the time  the kids are teens, I can put the kids to work and have them rebuild it!


  • Sketched (Engineered) my design about 4x until I had the structural support, look and ease of installation


  • Build a parts list to determine what you will need, less trips to the hardware store the better.


  • Measure, Mark and Cut your pieces. Set each piece up as you are building it


  • Measure and Mark your locations and level off the ground if needed.

  • If you can get ~2" depth you should be good.


  • Start your installation.

  • Place your pieces

  • Drill holes

  • Hammer in spikes (12" if going into the ground. 8" If through 4×4)

  • Mark location of spike on 4×4

  • place tie-back

  • drill hole

  • affix tie-back to 4×4 with 8" spike

  • place next 4×4 

  • repeat the drilling of holes upto mark locations

  • place next piece on top

  • ensure this piece spikes connect to the two 4×4 pieces below

  • repeat until you hit the top


  • Reap what I sow.

Next Steps:

As you can see I have started a walkway that will seperate next years planter that will go right under it. Our owl friend is there to "hopefully" keep the birds out of our tomatoes wink.  What summer projects do you have going on in your yards this summer?

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