The Perfect Summer Getaway at Sherkston Shores

A couple weeks ago we got the most lovely invite to head on up to Sherkston Shores for the weekend to see all that they had to offer.  

As one does with anything they don't know about they usually do a quick Google search these days.  Well, one of the first images to pop up was of the map of Sherkston Shores and I could not get over #1 – how huge it was and #2 all that there was to do!

We knew that the second we got there we were going to have an incredible visit.  We came prepared with swimsuits, scooters and a sense of adventure.  We left feeling rested, energized and full of stories for our friends. When I tell you that Sherkston shores has something for every family, with children of every age I mean it!

  To list a few:

  • Splash Pad
  • Skate park
  • 3 pools
  • Water Slides
  • Arcade
  • Boston Pizza restaurant
  • Beaches

And so much more……

In only 2 days we were able to find out all that Sherkston Shores has to offer.  We swam, splashed, relaxed and made smores.  The kids slept in bunk beds, we had afternoon naps and rode around the resort on a golf cart.  

I wanted to really show what happened our weekend was like so I have compiled my Instagram stories of me and the fam enjoying the resort.

We talked so many times over the weekend about how wonderful this place really is.  The cool thing is there are two ways that you can enjoy Sherkston.

1 – Short term rental – If you have a bit of time off during the Summer I would definitely recommend renting a cottage.  When you rent a cottage there are so many amazing amenities right at your finger tips.  

2 – Ownership – If you are thinking of investing in a cottage this may be the way to go.  There are certain perks that are only available to owners and the cost is really reasonable.  I'm not gonna lie – the thought has crossed my mind several times since we got home.

We are so grateful for our mini vacay at Sherkston Shores and we are so looking forward to getting back, sooner than later! For more on Sherkston Shores click


Disclaimer – We were provided with a complimentary weekend at Sherkston Shores, but as always all opinions are our own!


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