My Life

Who really wants to hear about my boring life. I mean, I grew up in in a home with my parents and two brothers, went to church every Sunday (Rain, Shine or Hurricane), had dinner every night as a family, played sports, got decent grades, blessed with charming looks (just ask Amy – lol), parents helped pay me through school, took Government OSAP, discovered DnB, found employment, paid OSAP, bought my first car, broken hearted, met Amy then left home. I like to think I’m a saint but we all have screwed up once (some twice) and at the end of the day, we all just want to do right.

This latest creation is what I do in my spare time. When I can find the time I put together beats resembling a Ragga Jungle feel, I was home alone one day and just started freestyling and this is what it has progressed into.Β 

Let me know if you have any topics I can throw in there.

Welcome to a glimpse of My Life in Coco’s corner.

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