Coco’s Pickled Peppers Recipe

So some have been asking when they are going to get to sample my latest batch of pickled pepper goodness. This was an experiment where I tried using the same process with different ingredients. For example I used the pickling vinegar with 7% acidic content and you can really notice the difference from my previous attempts. In my previous attempts I used other types of vinegar like cane and wine, they all gave a different taste.

How was the latest batch? Personally I don’t like it but my kids do.Β  I used a unique ingredient most wouldn’t and I really didn’t know what to expect. As for Milk she hasn’t tried it and she’s leaving the taste testing to the rest of us. I figure I have an idea of what the answer will be.

Below are the ingredients used for this batch. The process is the same so give it a shot with your own ingredients, let me know if you’ve found a gem we can try.


This will yield two 750ml mason jars:


  • Two cups of vinegar
  • Two cups of water (filtered)



  • Two table spoons of coarse salt
  • Two table spoons of brown sugar


From this point you can throw it whatever you want! Below is an example of what I’ve put into this one.



Your choice of veggies or fruit (Apple, Pear, Carrot, Radish, etc..)

May favourite mix so far (chocho, carrots, pre-ripend royal gala apples, Onion)


  • Prepare your filler, clean it.
  • Dice your filler into bite sized pieces or however you want to use it. I cheated and used this Tfal Fresh Express
    • (You can slice the carrots for toppings on pizza, etc..)
  • Perforate your peppers and set all aside
  • Fill a large pot with water, add a few table spoons of salt and cover
  • Get your mason jars and place inside the pot
  • Let them boil for 15mins
  • Separate your filler and peppers equally for the two jars
  • Use thongs and oven mitts to handle the jars when removing. Empty all the water from the jars
  • Drop in your spices, layer the filler and peppers
  • I like to layer my peppers , continue stuffing
  • Be sure to press down and really pack in the filler
  • In a sauce pan heat it up to medium high
  • Add water and vinegar and other ingredients
  • Let lightly boil for about 5mins
  • Immediately fillΒ Β the jars with the mix
  • Cover with new mason jar covers and set aside (careful they will be hot)
  • I like to leave them where I can here the pop sound when they are cooling
  • every day take it and flip it upside down once or twice toΒ get the air bubbles moving and mix the solution
  • After about 1 week enjoy!

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