Shaun’s Amazon Christmas Wishlist

Tis the season to start preparing to lose weight in the first quarter of the following year. When snow hits the ground these days I tend to NOT head out for a run.  I used to in my crazy days growing up and pushing myself to the limits but these days, I just want to sweat. I’ve been using some of the same workout gear since…ya, that long. What better motivation would you need to head out for a run on the first day of spring. The massage balls are for my significant other so I won’t ask for a foot or back rub after a run. 😉

Running Pants // Compression Shirts // Jays Hat // Muscle Massage Balls

For hanging out at home you can have hours of play with these pieces below. Playing cards are playing cards, pick any game that comes to mind! Dominoes are my game of choice and this year I have this down because I need a fresh set. The Oculus VR set is the industry standard and if you have not tried one of these VR sets in a VR environment you are NOT doing yourself any favours. If you remember the movie “Total Recall” This VR unit and possibly others will show you that the future is already here! When you’re done immersing yourself if a work of make believe VR you can unwind with a relaxing massage with the massage chair.Home VR Kit // Playing Cards // Dominos // Massage Chair

No socks, ties, underwear or hair care products will be found on this list, hopefully this list will help keep them away from your tree too.


Disclosure – this is a sponsored but, but our love for AMAZON is very real!

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