My HONEST Thoughts on Donating Blood

Back in December I tried my darndest to get as many people as I could to join me by donating blood on a Saturday morning.  Now to be totally honest, I had never given blood before.  In my 36 years of life, I have never taken the time to donate blood and I’m not totally sure why.  Probably a bit of fear and the unknown mixed together.

When I asked folks to join me I really got a bunch of push back.  People were ready to open there wallets to give me cash, but the thought of giving blood was a no go for them.  And I get it, which is why I took Instagram stories the entire time so I could hopefully convince a few people to get on board. Head to my Instagram and check out my saved story from the day I gave blood.

For the women out there that have had children, I am pretty sure that this is a skill that is in your wheelhouse.  When pregnant they take so much dang blood, this is just the same.  But better, cause COOKIES!

By the time that it was all done, I was shocked and a little disappointed that I hadn’t done it before. So once I got my donation card in the mail I booked my next appointment.

I am all set to go!  With the Give Blood App it is really easy to get yourself all set up.

So I want to hear from you!  Have you ever given blood before?  If not what’s stopping you?  I would encourage you to give it a try, they have great treats, and juice! 🙂

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    Dashing Dad April 12, 2018 (3:49 pm)

    Good for you. I wish I could donate blood, but as a Type 1 diabetic I’m unable to 🙁