Mother’s Day Gifts from Young Children

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and let’s face it, Moms deserve to be celebrated. After all the love and care they give to their children, it can be a great thing for Moms to feel appreciated for all their hard work. The thing is, not every gift needs to be purchased or expensive. In fact, it’s always the thought that counts.

There are many different gifts that young children can give to their Moms on Mother’s Day, some that cost money and some that they make themselves.

Let Them Choose

One of the most important parts of gift giving from your young children is to let them choose what they give. Set them free in a store, following close behind, and let them pick something they think mom will love. They may choose something silly like a whoopie cushion, let them. Mom will appreciate anything they choose, no matter how silly. It will make for a good story, and who knows, she might just keep that whoopie cushion for years to come.

Prepare Breakfast in Bed

Think about all the times mom is the first one up in the morning, ensuring that everyone eats a nutritious breakfast. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to return the favour. Allow the kids to cook breakfast, even if it’s as simple as toast. They will feel a sense of accomplishment for creating their mom something special and caring for her the way she does for them and mom will get to enjoy a breakfast she didn’t have to make.

Make a Gift

There are many Mother’s Day crafts out there that young kids can make for their moms. Things like handprint crafts, bookmarks and photo gifts are among some of the most thoughtful and treasured gifts that a Mom can get. Even just a coloured picture, or a homemade photo frame with a picture of mom and the kids can pull at a mom’s heart strings. If you want to go that extra mile, there are many places that make personalized jewelry that can have the kids birthstones added or a special mug with the kid’s photos on it.

Give Mom a Spa Day

Give mom a spa day at home and mom doesn’t even have to leave to get some peace and quiet. The kids can help to run mom a bubble bath and put some flameless candles around the bathroom. Get mom a good book and send her off for a soak in a hot bath. Mom will get the chance to relax and unwind a bit. Bonus points if you make Mom a DIY face mask or cut up some cucumbers for her eyes.

Finish of mom’s special day by making her dinner or taking her to her favourite restaurants. Just don’t forget, this day is all about Mom and making her feel special and loved.

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